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Need user manual of complete Proton rack system and D 1200amps

Pulled the 2ea hard to come by D 1200 amps ,1100 pre-amp,830R cd,At-300 tuner,and the 740 cassette from the dumpster ..all are working and only 1 amp is scratched on the top due to a rubber foot missing from the other amp which apparently was on top. I can find the schematics but the manuals will cost a fortune to obtain. It's hard to fathom why they were let go with only a slight scratch was on one of the top of the amps...???
Makes no sense at all...maybe the owner is deaf from using them...?

Proton 1100 User Manual

I too am looking for a Proton 1100 Preamplifier User Manual.

I would also love to have the repair manual (schematics) as well.

Can anyone help?

kjmacmillan (at) edu (dot) pe (dot) ca