hifi engine

New Download Script + Limits

The download script has been rewritten to reduce server load and improve the speed of the site for the majority of genuine visitors. Changes include:

(a) Restricted maximum number of download connections per file to prevent excessive load caused by visitors using download managers

(b) Variable daily download limits based on server load

(c) Variable daily download limits per person/month

(d) Improved detection of VPN/Proxy Servers (as used by bots/crawlers/site scrapers). No downloads are permitted from these connections.

(e) Improved detection and blocking of visitors using more than one account to bypass download limits

(f) Reduced download limits for visitors on networks with high levels of abuse

(g) Download limits weighted according to member status/contribution level

Re: New Download Script + Limits

Revised download limits, with increased limits for contributors to the library

This script is Beta code and logs will be checked for any conflicts with the current IP based limits.

Also fixed issues where some My Uploads pages were blank with some usernames