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[newbie advice] Need help with my Akai x2000sd!

Hello! I am thrilled that the internet has given the opportunity for these fantastic little communities, and perhaps someone here can help me with my problem. I recently bought a AKAI x2000sd tape recorder, cassette recorder and 8-track recorder (three in one), and when I got home tried to clean the part where I feed the tape through the, I have no idea what its technical term is, head. To remove the head cover, I hade to remove the track selector.

This is where my troubles began. See, I am not at all a professional tape recorder-guy and I would not even call me an amateur either. I simply love the analogue sound it produces and want to incorporate that into my own music. I tried to get it off but it was stuck, and not seeing the small hole I twisted it so it came loose. It is now spinning freely. Damn it. I eventually found the screw inside the track selector knob, but when removed it just fell down inside the knob. I got it out yesterday, but the knob won't come off.

If anyone here is familiar with the AKAI x2000sd, or just tape recorder in general - I can provide photos and videos if you could help me. I really want to treat this recorder with respect and have realized that just turning knobs isn't the best idea.

Thanks in advance,