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Nikko Alpha 220 Help!

Have a 220 that initially burnt up a resistor on the PCB, replaced and burned again. Think I have identified one of the right channel transistors as the probable cause.

I want to make this my 1st big project and leap in to repair/refurb, but can't find many caps and transistors at the local Radio Shack. Any suggestions on where to find a full kit, and any on possible upgrades? Thanks!

Re: Nikko Alpha 220 Help!

eBay will have most if not all the parts you will need. You may need to go to a few sellers. Which parts burned?

Re: Nikko Alpha 220 Help!

Initially, what I noticed was that 1 resistor on the regulator pcb burned up. Replaced that and had same result. Quickly realized something bigger is going on. Getting a crash course in electronics this weekend...most I have done previously is change some belts on some old tape decks.

So...learned how to test transistors and capacitors, and after poking around, found right channel transistors were fried, left are fine. I pulled the driver pcb and noticed that there was a cracked and burnt transistor on the right channel. I assume it fried the rest and ended at the resistor. Again- I'm 2 days old with this stuff, so any further insight is appreciated. I would like to just replace all caps and transistors while I have it torn down.

Re: Nikko Alpha 220 Help!

Replacing all caps and transistors would be a big job. There is one thing you should know about amplifiers: if you replace most of the bad parts but don't get all of them, the same damage can happen again.
You might think about seeking out a good repair shop.

Re: Nikko Alpha 220 Help!

Agree with your thoughts. It's not working now, so I figure it's good experience. I planned on just doing everything and seeing how it goes. If I goof up, I'll take it in to a shop.

It looks like most of the stuff I can find on eBay, but I'll have to go through multiple sellers, which makes it quite costly. Anyone know of a "1 stop shop" for all the caps and transistors I'll need?