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Nikko NR-1415 Monster Receiver

There is a Nikko NR-1415 monster receiver (I believe 175 Watts / Channel) available for a reasonable price locally to me. According to the seller, there are a few issues with the receiver, but all sound like they can be worked on and fixed (i.e. scratchy pots, signal meter not working, etc.).

Anyone have one of these monster receivers, or can someone provide some feedback on the model or Nikko in general? Just wondering what the consensus is on this model.


Re: Nikko NR-1415 Monster Receiver

Got one in fully working condition as my primary amp.
Potentiometers are OK but the push buttons and the flip switches (selectors) are making bad contact on and off.
I got it with burned main amp. on one channel. The new main transistors 2x2 changed did burn after 20 days or so. The reason a Z-diode for bias current had intermittent failure, it did brake through and caused the power transistors "shorten +/-70V".
Once replaced and 2 new pair of power transistors It has been running for 25 years.

The sound are marvellous, the noise are extremely low and true power for big speakers.


Re: Nikko NR-1415 Monster Receiver


Thanks for your reply. I actually got the Nikko NR-1415 for $50, and they threw in a pair of Cerwin Vega HED 1230 speakers (both with voice coil issues with the woofers). I look forward to getting it serviced and put into play functioning at 100%.

Re: Nikko NR-1415 Monster Receiver

Look on Audiokarma there are several threads bout the NR-1415 great product real sleeper