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Old ads from '60 - 1980 Any interest?

I found an old CD with lots of classic audio ads from most of the major hifi mags. Some have manuals embedded.
The range includes early Mac tube gear, to the first of the Jap silver face stuff. It's 7 BIG pdf files. Any interest?
If they are not appropriate here, I'll send to whoever is interested.
Thanks to all you posters.

Old Ads from '60 - 1980

I'm interested in a copy of your old ads cd. Thanks !


old ads

I would love a copy of what you have. If you have the time, send it on. Can you attach it to a reply here? Thanks for sharing.

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Old ads from '60 - 1980 Any interest

I would be very interested in this stuff.If you could e-mail it to me?

Audio ads

I would be very interested, I can't get enough of this stuff.

Thanks a bunch


Donating the scans to the library here would be much appreciated :)


Nakamichi PA (620) brochure page 6 of 6


As far as I can determine, you are the moderator here. I'm enclosing the last page of a Nakamichi brochure for the 620 power amplifier. When the upload feature becomes re-activated I will TRY to upload the rest. There's some interesting info for Nalkamichi fans in the brochure.

However, I have to say, I am having incredible trouble with the stupid cookies. As per the FAQ, if I erase all my internet history I can log in normally, but that is a huge pain, since I lose all info on other sites. I'm not sure why this site and Vinyl Engine cause so much trouble due to cookies (my security settings are normal, just like millions of other users, and these two sites are the only ones that give me trouble). Consequently, if I have to erase browser history/cookies every time, it is unlikely that I participate much. If you have any tips it would be easier to read them if you send to bbrio1@globo.com (the e-mail I used to register here.

Bye for now


Sorry but I don't know why you are having problems either? HiFi Engine doesn't use the same troublesome user authentication system as Vinyl Engine and I don't recall anyone reporting the same issues with logging in here? A few visitors have said they have had some sort of trouble with the password resetting when logging in, but I never got enough feedback to work out what the problem was? I'm afraid I'm not an IT professional (the site is just a one man, part time hobby) and with tens of thousands of visitors every month there is no way I can guarantee the site works for everybody.

As for the Vinyl Engine, it's well overdue a complete redesign around newer software as there is a known login issue that affects some visitors, but I have no idea when I'll have the time to complete this? In the meantime it's very much provided as is, but if you have issues using HiFi Engine then the redesign won't help anyway as I intend to rebuild the Vinyl Engine using the same CMS core (as used on millions of other sites).



No problem Jas. (Actually, if I have managed to upload a scan and post, it might mean that my cookie problems are over. In that case, I will continue to monitor the upload feature and when it becomes available I will upload the stuff I have for Nakamichi. Its quite interesting. For now the other 5 pages are just over the 500 kB limit). I will scratch around and see if I can find the brochures for the 600 tape deck and the 610 pre-amp.


Very interested here! Thanks for offering to share.

Old Ads

I am interested....