hifi engine

Old Mitsubishi NEED HELP!!

So a couple years ago, My buddy gave me his dads old Mitsubishi DA-P10,F-10 and M-10stack system.. I took It home hooked it up and worked great! I wanted to keep It nice so I put It away and didnt use It. Now I want to use it and I have no clue on how to hook this thing up. does anyone know how to hook all three of these units together? i know it works because i have used it before. thanks matt

Some info on hifiengine

The user manual for the DA-A10DC / DA-A15DC power amp is on hifiengine. You don't specify which one(s) you have. There is some info in the manual on interfacing with the DA-P10 preamp. The DA-M10 meter unit has some info here http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=97482 and elsewhere on the net.