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old to92 transistors

looking for suppliers of old transistors bc182 bc212 etc finding that they are no longer available also is970 diodes i need to replace them in the preamp stage of the goodmans 150 amp module

Re: old to92 transistors

Both of those transistors are easily available from Ebay sellers

Re: old to92 transistors

Uhmmm, there are hundreds of good transistors you can use for this purpose

The bc182 is a to92,npn,50v, 100mA, hfe min 40 that can be replaced with 2sc945 or ksc945

The bc212 is the same in pnp, and can be replaced by 2sa733 or ksa733

The information I have on the Is970 is contradictory, could you please explain the use this diode have in your system?