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old vs new

Hi, am a newbie here, but am an inveterate collector of audio and hiFi stuff, since the late 1970's when I bought a nearly new QUAD 33 and 303 combo with a michell focus turntable with SME3 arm, moving coil cartridge and KEF kit 104ab speakers (still have all of it)
My present system is a Denon DCD720AE CD Player a croft valve preamplifier (cheapest one) and then a rotel RA05 as a preamp with remote and two QUAD 77 integrated amps, one for each channel and the speakers are KEF cresta 30's
I have tried budget dac's, the Project dac box e and the creative E3 in line dac but think by connecting the CD deck with Phonos am using the high bitrate DAC to convert from digital to analogue anyway.
I am tempted by the likes of high current Rotel two channel amps coming up on ebay, but even though old now the QUAD 77's are still a high spec amp. I have a QUAD 66 preamp and controller, but the massive remote is still massive now and puts me off using it, only for that reason. No Vinyl player hooked up at moment, but have a lot of LP's. Both the RA05 and QUAD 66 support a mm cartridge or a high output mc one.
Any thoughts as to whether or not to do something with the amp side, certainly the sound of the present system could be said to be passable. I have loads of valve amps, single ended 300B, KT88, two QUAD 2 amps and a raft of other ones, problem with a lot of them is noise, present 77's have new rubber feet and are not buzzing anymore!

Re: old vs new

If your old amps are still in good condition internally where the components are not wearing or drying out I believe you will be happier with them. In most cases amplifiers were "over engineered" in the now distant past whereas modern equipment is designed with the emphasis on profit margin.
With every HiFi decision, trust your ears. After all it's your ears that has to listen to whatever you choose.