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Onkyo Integra TA 2070 Cassette Deck Belt Replacement Instuctions

I am in need of some details on how to replace the capstan drive belt in my TA 2070. If anyone has any info I would be very gratefull.
Thanks, Ryan

Belt replacement

The manual for this unit Onkyo Ta-2070/Ta-2060 is listed in the manuals on this website. The exploded view shows no capstan belt. The capstan motor drives the pinch roller directly, or so it seems. If the capstan motor is working properly, I would suspect the pinch roller as the problem if there is no tape drive. If it is not taking up the tape I would look at the reel drive and reel table.

Onkyo Integra TA2070 belt replacement

Just in case you are wondering I have a service manual but it shows very little about belt replacement.

TA2070 belt replacement

But it has 3d exploded view of the casette mechanism. Seems, all replacement operations are very simple. Nobody tells you more, I think.

Belt Replacement ta 2070

I have the same unit. I open it up to check the belt and its slipping badly. Replacing it looks like a major job. I'm handy but there are a dozen small wires tightly connected to the tape transport mechanism and I am a little bit intimidated. Maybe there is a repair service out there that will do this for me or at least build up my confidence to give it a shot on my own. I really love this old deck and would hate to trash it by mistake.