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Onkyo m-504 Amplifier

I have a really nice Onkyo M-504 amplifier it sounds good the lights on the meters are on the problem is that the meter needles stopped working when I turned it on they go from 0 mark to -0 does anyone one had that problem before ? Please help Thank You in advance .

Re: Onkyo m-504 Amplifier

The meters are controlled by a relay (RG601). This relay is powered from a regulator transistor (Q702); there is a fuse for this circuit (2 amp, F702).

Re: Onkyo m-504 Amplifier

Thank you for the help i located the 3 components the relay reads RL601 i checked the fuse its good the other 2 items will be a challenge for me since i have no way to test but i might take it to a tech.Thanks again !