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onkyo tx-822 clips out when turned up

hi all..new here...I just got a onlyo tx-822 and when I turn the volume up around 1/2 way, it clips out for a few seconds, then you can hear a little click and it plays again..any ideas?

Re: onkyo tx-822 clips out when turned up


What is happening is that the receiver is detecting a problem and and shutting the output off until the problem goes away.

This receiver's protection circuit detects problems with the main power amp. It detects both over current and dc voltage on the speaker output. The dc voltage would probably be present at all times so you are probably experiencing an over current situation. This can be caused by exceeding the power delivery capability of the receiver or trying to drive a speaker impedance that is too low.

Half way on the volume control is usually already at maximum volume. Also the speaker impedance rating is a "nominal" figure. This means that the average is listed, but it can dip to a much lower impedance at certain frequencies. Also running two pairs of speakers will lower the impedance that the receiver sees.