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Onkyo TX-SR703 Protect Mode

I have the above receiver, purchased about 15 years ago. It now goes into protect mode (power on, brief display, powers itself off). I have disconnected all speakers and components, powered off for >1hr, problem persists. I did find one speaker wire that came loose from its rca jack, so that was likely the culprit. Is this a difficult fix, or is it time for a new unit?

Re: Onkyo TX-SR703 Protect Mode


You should try resetting it by holding down the "VIDEO 1" button while pressing the "STANDBY" button. You should then see the display show the message clear. I doubt this will help it though.

Unfortunately this design of receiver is not easy to work on. If the problem is in the amplifier section, all of the boards must be removed from the interior of the receiver because the bottom cover is not remove-able. This also means you must make sure that you repair all of the problems before re-assembling or you will need to repeat the procedure.

Surround receivers have advanced by leaps and bounds in the last 15 years so a new replacement will bring many new features and functionality. The downside is that the quality and reliability have gotten much worse due to manufacturer's cutting costs.


Re: Onkyo TX-SR703 Protect Mode

Thanks Bob. Yes, I tried the Video 1 trick and as you suspected, it did not help. I completely agree on the reliability issue of new vs. old. I got an old Panasonic receiver (remember when a string moved the dial on the frequency scale?) out of the trash about 20 years ago and it's still going strong in my workshop. And it even has two zones! I've begun looking at replacement units for 5.1, which is my current setup.