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optimization for lower end equipment

Still quite new here, so forgive me for any glaring errors I'd most likely make.

While saving up for the components I'd want, I've had to make due with a hodge podge of parts, ranging from the well kept and serviced to £5 thrift store finds.

I wanted to ask if there's any obvious tips for getting the most out of my rag-tag equipment while on a student budget? aside from good cable managment or cleaning.

The setup so far. I don't think it's too terrible considering I've only spent about £55 ($70) on it.
Amplifier: Technics SA-AX530
Tuner: Akai At-2400
Tape deck: Marantz CP-130 x2 (Mono)
Turntable: Stanton T90 USB
Speakers: Sony SS-V11

the main option I was thinking of would just get myself a new/used budget amplifier as a stop-gap.

aside from that, When I go spelunking, Are there any major red flags on equipment I should be aware of?

Re: optimization for lower end equipment

Start selling your plasma and save up for good equipment.

Re: optimization for lower end equipment

Sadly, I've already sold most of it to pay for tuition, along with my future first born and/or soul.

Annoyingly, the soul market has really bottomed out recently...