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Otari BTR-5

Looking for the manual to Otari BTR-5

Otari BTR-5 Manual

Good luck with that. It's hard to find much info on the BTR series.

However, from what I've been able to determine, the BTR series are really an MTR with a few extra features added for broadcast use. So an MTR-15 manual should satisfy almost all of your needs and they are more readily available.

I have an MTR-15 and a Studer A807. There are lots of great tape machines out there (Sony APR, Nagra, ATR, Telefunken, etc.), but the ONLY one I'd trade the Otari MTR-15 for is a Studer A820. And not so much based on better performance but because it's so damn sexy to look at and use!

I am looking for another MTR-15 or a BTR-5 as a dubbing partner so if you hear of any others that are available, please let me know.

Hope the above is helpful.

- John


Got it!