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Owners Manual for Receiver Kenwood KR 4200

Owners Manual

Owners Manual for Receiver Kenwood KR 4200

Thanks, really is a lovely machine. Strong, Faithful and pretty. If you get this owner manual, please send me to rcdmarques@gmail.com . I' ll do the same if I get it. Greetings

Kenwood KR 2200

Hi Rcd

U mentioned that you are interested in the KR2200 as well ? ... I just found spec and schematic of it in the hif database on hifiengine, you can get the stuff there, however didnt see anything for your model there, i will let you know if i find something. Wouldnt be surprised if the pcb layout is very similar to the 2200.

KR 4200

Hi im currently looking for the trio(kenwood) kr2200 manuals its a lovely machine similar detail as the kr4200 build qual is excellent (elna caps alps pots and tuning cap same build quality as marantz units of that time)just restored mine.good luck