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Owners manuals for Proton D540 Stereo Amplifier & Proton D940 Stereo Receiver

Anybody have a copy of these, would like to compare specs between the two. Thanks.

Proton D940 manual

I have a 300 dpi pdf version of the D940 owner's manual that I scanned from the original, but I don't know how I can share it. Somewhat large at ~26 MB. Here's a .jpg of the specs page though, which should answer the D940 half of your question.

Proton D940

Awesome! It's been a while since I've visited the site but thank you for the info, much appreciated.

From what i understand the D940 receiver & D540 integrated amplifier have the same power output but the D540 is just minus a tuner. I already have a D540 & recently scored a D940 & did notice one big difference besides the tuner, the D540 integrated has two power transformers while the D940 receiver has only one. I'm not sure if it's a dual mono amp or not. The 540 also seems to be a little heavier than the 940, must be the 2nd transformer.

COpy please

Hi, would you be kind enough to E-mail me a copy of this document ?

You can send it to chapleau@me.com

Thanks al lot. I'm also looking for the service manual if by any chances anybody has one nearby...

Thanks again.

D940 manual is too big to e-mail, but here's a link


Proton D940 Manual

If you have a hotmail or msn account you will also have a skydrive account(online storage). You can upload the manual to your skydrive account and share it.