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Owners/Users Manual For a Nakamichi OMS-20 and RM-4CDC

Hello, I just purchased a "vintage", Nakamichi CD player. A model, "OMS-20". With No Manual! And an "RM-4CDC" remote that it came with seems to do nothing! "I have read it should be an "RM-2CDC", is that a problem??
The buttons on the remote have many "alien" symbols to me, "Like the two little squares on one button, next to the "Big" rectangle button". AND no "power or Off-On"! or, "Transport Activation", buttons that I can discern.. and the front panel on the CD player is a little confusing as well.
I have been using my Oppo "UDP-203", for Cd's which is "Kind Of", "Idiot Proof" to use.
But this old "Nak", unit sounded intriguing to me. The Service Manuals for them are everywhere, But the Owners or Users Manuals, seem nowhere to be found!
I Have a collection of "Nak", amps and preamps. My "Ca-7A", Preamp sounds as good if not better than "Almost", anything I have ever heard. Even at 100X It's price new!, "The exception", being my "Manley Labs, Neo-Classic, 300B tube Preamp" Hee hee hee. It adds the "Magic"!
And, "Thank You"! For any help that you may provide me.