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PA Transistors for Sansui AU 9900A

Hallo to all hififreaks

first of all many thanx for this page and the schematic for my Sansui Au9900
i am searching for the pa transistors of my amplifier
type: 2pc. NEC D388A and 2pc. NEC B541A
does anyone know where i can get this parts?

best regards

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You should just add the suffix 2S to the type for having the right model to search.

In this case you're searching for 2SD388A and 2SB541A (japanese) transistors.

Try with this models on the Web; if these models aren't too old you can find it easy, or you can replace it with equivalent of the same class.



Do you want/need original NEC parts? Or would replacements work? Have you tried to cross them over to ECG or NTE replacememts?


I have this same issue. I realize this is an old question but I am unable to find a cross reference for these transistors and if I am able to; how can I determine which is PNP and which on is NPN?