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Panasonic NV-FS1 service manual???? Blaupunkt RTV-910 ????

Hello, I have big problems with a NV-FS1 Panasonic Hi-Fi video recorder. It seems that the tracking sistem is down... poor recorded image.....
This NV-FS1 from Panasonic is the same equipment with the Blaupunkt RTV-910. Any of theese manuals if You have , will help Me. Thank You for help!


Partial schematics:

Tips: Check caps in power supply and check drum. (worn out?)

i need more documentation

all caps in psu were changen..... and no result..... the problem persist. VIDEO heads are OK..... ithink the tracking system is down.. thank You for the schematics..... but I still need the full service manual. Help Me please.....