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panasonic s-vhs recorder AG 7350

some years ago I bought a second hand but good working professional videoplayer. I stored is on a dry place .When I wanted to use it lately it did'nt work properly anymore, there is no video-signal on the outputs and the jog-shuttle is not working
Is there somebody who reckognise this problem ?
What I already did: I cleaned the video head and pulled oud all the cards and reinserted them (did it several times) No signs of bad contacts whatsoever
It's a quite complicated machine...

Re: panasonic s-vhs recorder AG 7350

Is the tape loading completely? There are two rollers that pull the tape tight against the head assembly (drum); these run in tracks and need to load completely or there won't be any video signal. If there is a problem here it is usually a lubrication problem--could be on the gears or the tracks. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the old grease first. You should seek out a tech who is familiar with VCR work. Could also be a stretched belt.