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Panasonic SA-5500 service manual?

Hey all, I obtained an old unit that was stated to work, but in fact it just powers on (beautiful lighting!). Absolutely no sound comes out, not even static, under all circumstances. That is, I've tried AM/FM, Aux, Tape. I get tuning signal indications on the radio, and am definitely injecting sound. I made sure the preamp-out to main-in shorts are installed on the back. I know of 6 fuses (2 on back, 4 inside), all ok.

I haven't tried stereo debugging...well, since these were new :) Deoxit on the way. I have a scope and multimeter, but hesitant to dive in without a manual. I did find the SA-5800 and SA-5250 manuals, not sure how similar they will be, but it gave me some practice following the schematics.

Please share if you have one, thanks!