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Panasonic SG-999 help with tuner stringing

I have a vintage Panasonic SG-999 which I just finished repairing and making good as new with one exception - I forgot to note the string traversal for the tuner control! DHOOOAAAH!! I have no idea how to rewrap it and the service manual I have doesn't show it. Maybe it's not complete or maybe it was never in there. In any case - anyone have any experience with how this string goes back on? I posted pics of the various flywheels. In some cases there is a upper and lower on the same axle, which I labeled Xa and Xb accordingly. All axle points are numbered 1-9. High res pic here at this link http://home.comcast.net/~jimkarl/sg_99_string.jpg

Also, the reason I tool it off int he first place was it was slipping pretty badly - even though it was tight. I bought some violin rosin and have rubbed that over the string. Previously, I tried rubbing alcohol to dry it, but wasn't seeing any improvement with that so was hoping the rosin would work. Assuming I can get this back together to begin with, anything better to put on the string to make it catch the tuner shaft better?

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As long as the dial cord is in good shape, and the spring in the wheel on the variable cap is tensioned properly, it should not slip. But this SG999 looks pretty complex, and you may need to bite the bullet and buy the one advertised on ebay for $14. I have repaired quite a few in my days, but this one seems very complex. But if the cord wasn't broken, and just disconnected, you may be able to figure it out especially seeing the cord is still connected to the dial.
Turn the tuning cap so that the plates are fully meshed. This position should be for the dial to be at the low end of FM (88). Experiment with the right side of the cord (from the dial, and try to put on the pulleys so that the end could connect to inside the wheel, with anywhere from 1/2 way around the spool to 1 1/2 way around the spool. Then see how turning the spool will move the dial to the right side of the scale (108). Then try to thread the left side of the cord, around the pulleys to get it back to the wheel, knowing that one side or the other side of the cord needs to go around the tuning shaft at least 3 times. (going 4 times may actually get rid of the looseness. The other way to reduce the slipping would be to shorten the cord a little, as the can stretch a bit after 40 years.

If the cord is broken, and you need to get the manual, I have a load of original dial cord I could give you some. I have original cord used by EV for their receivers. But my cord is in 4 foot lengths, which should be good. If you need some, send me a message with your contact info

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I doubt the service manual has it (at least my PDF copy didn't) but I am going to ask the seller to be sure. The cord is complete and before I took it off it was definitely tight - no slack at all but there was adjustment that could be done at the tuner dial end, since it has a spring and multiple points of contact to adjust if necessary. I suspect my slippage was not caused by tension but probably that I got some tuner/pot cleaner or such on the string by accident. So I need to give it some "grip" back on a portion of the string. Not sure that violin rosin is cutting it. Your tips about where to start the position and the plates I think is going to be very helpful, as I had no clue what was the proper start position. I will give this another shot tomorrow for sure with that direction in mind. Thx!