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Perte de stations sur tuner SONY


Mon tuner SONY ST-190 ne garde plus en mémoire les stations enregistrées, j'ai le schema, mais je n'arrive pas à localiser le condensateur pour le remplacer.
Merci de votre aide.

Re: Perte de stations sur tuner SONY

my French is rusty but I think this person is asking for a suggestion about
which capacitor to replace on his Sony tuner to keep the memory stations.
I think he sets them but it doesn't keep them.
I don't know.
but maybe translated into English someone else may help.

it might be a small battery in there.
I just am not familiar with the Sony tuner.

Re: Perte de stations sur tuner SONY

I don't speak French either. There is no ST-190 listed in the Library; there is a ST-S190. If that is the model he has, then C703 is bad; it is a .22 farad 5.5 volt capacitor and it is on the florescent display board next to the TMP47C870 IC. Once this capacitor is replaced the tuner needs to left operating for several hours to build up a charge on the capacitor, then it will hold memory.

Re: Perte de stations sur tuner SONY

Thank you Johnnysan.
very helpful.

I'll try to help the French guy :

Monsieur "Johnnysan" il a dit pour changer "le condensateur pour le remplacer"
numero C703 (.22uF, 5.5V ) a la cote de TMP47C870 IC sur la "porte(?)" avec
le indicateur fleurescent. Encore attend un peu heurs pour le condensateur
a travail. Apres ca il pense que marche bien. Mon francais est tres vielle maintenant,
je suis desole. Bonne chance.

Re: Perte de stations sur tuner SONY

The capacitor value should be .22F, which is 220,000uf.

Re: Perte de stations sur tuner SONY

thanks for the clarification.
makes plenty of sense.
my error