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Philips AH384

Brand new here and not very experienced in this field. I have determined the polarity of my speakers, and now I want to connect the speaker to my Philips AH384. There is nothing on the pins to tell me which one is + or -. There are two pins....one is flat and rectangular and the other looks like a nail. Sorry for my lack of technichal knowledge, but I hope it is clear what I am asking. Thanks to those in the know in advance!

Re: Philips AH38

You need "DIN speaker plug" for connect the speaker cables to ampli. One plug for each speaker.

Re: Philips AH384 Polarity

The very simlest way to determine the polarity of a speaker is to connect a 1,5V battery across the terminals.
If the bass-speaker cone moves outwards, You have the + connected to the correct + terminal.

If the bass-speaker cone moves inwards, you have the + connected to the - terminal.

This method is not recommended for testing tweeters, but squawkers may be tested as this aswell.

Good luck