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Philips AH7861 Receiver Service Manual


I am doing some repair work on a Philips AH7861 Stereo Receiver and unfortunately lack the service manual. Across the internet, and even this extensive site, not one page has a downloadable copy of the manual, and I am unable to progress further. I ask your help to procure a PDF so that I, and anyone else in need of the information, may be helped.

Currently there is an entry in the gallery for the AH7861 here: https://www.hifiengine.com/gallery/images/philips-ah-7861-receiver.shtml sans manual. If someone is able to find one for the AH7861 or the AH786, I will be eternally grateful.

Thanks awfully.

Re: Philips AH7861 Receiver Service Manual


if this problem is still present, can you give some more details?
What is the fault? And can you send some pictures from the inside of the unit.
Perhaps, it is possible to repair it without the SM.
I have lots of SMs but not about this unit. Sometimes there is also a way to repair it like in earlier times...