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Philips DCC900 INI ERROR

I have the message INI ERROR and I can't remove the cassette.
What can I do to remove my cassette and what is the problem ?

thank you

Re: Philips DCC900 INI ERROR

I have seen this error with a broken PASC board - marked as digital board PZ-03 in the service manual. I guess it means that the intra-IC communication between main board microcontroller and digital board microcontrollers does not work for some reason.
To remove the cassette you have to open the case and manually turn the white pulley counter-clockwise until the cassette tray moves out.
If you remove the PASC board (the little vertical board) and INI ERROR disappears, it means the problem lies probably there. Have you changed the capacitors and checked the PASC PCB for corroded vias/traces?

Re: Philips DCC900 INI ERROR

Thank you for your answer, I gave it to a repairman, he told me the engine was broken.

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Re: Philips DCC900 INI ERROR

Did he manage to fix it? In mine it was a corroded/cracked trace at the +5V line which goes to Q423 (SAA2051).