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Philips RH 591 maintenance

I am the very happy owner of a RH591 which i have been seeking to buy for a long time. Used to have one back when they were released but lost it.
Anyway, with 50 years on the meter i wanted to make sure i get the most out of it. Does anybody have any experience with change of capacitors/electrolytes.
I think i lack some performance and wonder if upgrading these has proven to improve for anybody.
Any comments you may have regarding getting the most out of this wonderful amplifier is welcome and highly appreciated.
Thanks Jorgen,

Re: Philips RH 591 maintenance

Hello Krogh
You are right about the 591: I also have it and I like it very much, together with the 590, the 521 and the 790 receiver that has the same audio stage as the 591.
For lack of performance I would check the 150 uF feedback capacitors, together with all the signal coupling electrolytics.
Main capacitors (4000 uF) are usually still in good shape today.
Be extremely careful of printed circuit tracks: they are very thin and likely to burn with the iron !

Re: Philips RH 591 maintenance

Thank you very much for the comments.
Ill get started and be careful with the pcb tracks.
Thanks again Jorgen