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Pioneer A-120D

Good day!!

Please consider my humble request to provide me a pdf file, if there's any, for the Pioneer A-120D service manual. I bought this powerful unit sometime in 1984 and works fine over the years. Just few months ago, it suddenly turned off and its fuses blown up. A competent technician serviced the unit and could not repair for some resistors were burned in the amplifier circuit, hence color codes are not readable.

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Richard, Service Manual for


Service Manual for Pioneer A-77X uploaded to HiFi Engine.
This is possibly the same as yours, only for the European market.
In a few days the manual should appear on the forum.
Good luck with repairs



Service manual for A-120D

Dear Richard

I don't have service manual but i have one amplifier A-120D. If you need the information for the resistor, please point out the name of resistor so that i can open the amplifier to read the value for you.