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Pioneer A-7,A-8 or A-9 service manuals

Hello to everybody.
Does anyone have these schematics?

eventualmente requiero

eventualmente requiero reparar mis equipos

Pioneer A7 - Protection mode

Hi, I´m from Portugal, I have a PIONEER A-7 that´s on protection mode, does anyone knows what the cause of it?

Thank you very much.

I bought a pioneer a-8. It

I bought a pioneer a-8. It goes into protection mode when I turn it on and won't come out. Is there a way to see what is wrong with it?


pioneer a-307r

anybody here know how to fix a choppy sound in my a-307r. the right channel sounds fine. the left channel seems to be choppy. sounds under power. thanks in advance..

yamaha k-1020 cassette deck

I need a service manual/schematics for yamaha k-1020


hello cicottino,

you want to repair this engine?
please tell me the troubles.
i want to help you.

with kind regards

Pioneer A-307R

I have a Pioneer A-307R stereo amp that flashes all 5 input selector leds when the power is switched on and doesnt seem to do much else

I suspect it could be a power supply fault but I could be wrong, I have just downloaded the service manual so I will start checking voltages

If this is a known fault and possibly someone here may be able to point me in the right direction for repairing it

Thank you
Happy New Year

Pioneer A-307R


have you solved the problem on a-307r amp where all the leds flash when the amp is turned on. please email. nicholson_tan@yahoo.com
thanks in advance!

pioneer A-7 gold amp

hey you all i love this but i am looking for a service manual for a pioneer A-7 can any one tell me where can i get one thanks
some fool remove the zener diode on the both CH soo even if its the page of the driver board i will love to get that soo i can bring my baby back to life thanks bye

Pioneer A-7,A-8 or A-9 service manuals

I uploaded the Schematics in the library



pioneer stereo amplifier a-7

buen dia como puedo conseguir el manual de servicio completo del amplificador pioneer a-7

Pioneer A-8

I am looking for the operators manual for this unit.

A-8 Schematics


I need a service manual/schematics for A-8. I couldn't find it in the library although the previous note says it's there. Can you please point me where to get them from?



tengo uno, dañado


Part-urgently needs a scheme amp pioneer A-701R If someone can send a very thank-email address krzysztogla@tlen.pl