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Pioneer cassette deck CTS 550S

Can someone help to solve this issue as i'm facing some technical issues while recording on my deck,a hum noise is being heard while recording thus the playback is inaudible.Is the potentiometer of the recording damaged or the rec head is worn or there some caps which are damaged ...

Re: Pioneer cassette deck CTS 550S

I would start with bonding (grounding) your cassette deck to your amplifier. The same way you would a turntable. The other two suggestions to replace (or swap cables, playback to record and visa versa) isn't a bad idea either. Then go to headphones to try to narrow it down. I have to bond my reel to reel to my pre-amp or it will hum while recording.

Good Luck.

Re: Pioneer cassette deck CTS 550S

Have you tried new audio cables?

Re: Pioneer cassette deck CTS 550S

When you plug in the headphones you listen the monitoring during recording that the hum sound is being heard and in playback the recording sound is nasty...