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Pioneer CD-Burner won't recognize any CD

My just-bought-used Pioneer PDR-509 CD-Burner won't recognize any CD I put into it. (This is a burner made, I think, in the late 90s).

So far I've tried Memorex and Verbatim CD-Rs. The manual that I printed out online says that a Verbatim should work. I called Pioneer customer service and the rep there said that I need to buy a CD-R that is is made ONLY for audio/music only. However, I don't think they make those anymore. The ones now are made for computers to burn data and music onto. He seemed to be saying that computers burn differently from stereo components like this one.

I've checked with Best Buy, CVS pharmacy, and an independent audio shop, and none of them sell audio-only CDs.

Do they still make what I'm looking for, or is this burner outdated technology that can't be used to burn anymore?

Pioneer CD-Burner

Thats a well common problem - nowadays only few realised that theres a different CD-R discs available. But dont worry about that, you can buy those CD-R Audio discs for your home burner. www.thedvdmarket.com/UK has some TDK and Mediarange CD-R Audio discs available.

Pioneer CD-Burner won't recognize any CD

I mail-ordered some TDK music-only CD-Rs, but no luck. My CD-recorder didn't recognize them, either. I've also tried regular Memorex and Verbatim CD-Rs with no success.

Any other CD brand suggestions?

Audio/Music CD-R

Try doing a Google search for Music CD-R or Audio CD-R. You can't use Data CDs in separate burners like yours as CD-Rs for music have a bit of code in the header to tell your burner you paid royalties to the Record Companies when you bought the CD-R. Expect to pay premium prices.


Audio/Music CD-R

Thanks tons for the suggestion. At least I have hope that this CD-burner isn't a 10-pound paperweight. Now I just need to see if I can find such a CD-R out there.

A rep in Walmart said they have Memorex CD-Rs that only say "music" on them - nothing about data. So I'm going to try them and see what happens. I'm not particularly hopeful, since I can't imagine them stocking CDs *just* for music burning when no one really does that anymore.

Audio/Music CD-R