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pioneer cd player PD-65


i am a total novice but hate to give up on my equipment. i have a pioneer pd-65 cd player that requires repair. A Pioneer repairperson said that I would require $300 worth of repairs and that it is not worth fixing.

The transport works fine, the digital display lights up when a disc is inserted and it spins but soon stops and doesn't seem to recognize or read the disc. I am assuming this is a common problem.

i opened the case and it is in pristine condition - I would like to attempt to repair this.

My question is - is this a repair that a novice can attempt? I have the manual and parts list and would like to know what to order. It appears that the entire transport unit is attached by 3 screws and can be easily removed.

or, should I buy another cd player of equal quality - suggestions.

i truly appreciate any response.


pioneer cd player PD-65

You can try cleaning the laser lens. Get a clean Q-tip and new alcohol; gently clean the lens several times and let it dry.
If it reads a disc and stops or skips it could be a lubrication problem with the rails or sled.
$300 sounds like a bad laser assembly, but it's worth attempting a cleaning.