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pioneer cs66a

Hi everyone!

New to the forum and I was wondering if anyone can help me find a pair of midrange drivers for the
loudspeakers of the title. They are 6.5'' (abt 165mm).

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Re: pioneer cs66a

Are your midranges blown or heavily damaged??
I ask because there are some crossover components that can fail and prevent the mids from making any sound.

If you don't have a meter to measure the impedence, you can apply the 1.5v from a penlight battery to the terminals of the mid to see if the mid is working (scratch sound when applying the wire momentarily), or no sound at all if not working (open coil)

Id the mid is making a scratch sound during the battery test, and no sound when hooked up in the CS66a, then the crossover probably has a bad capacitor, or mid level control (if it has one)

Re: pioneer cs66a

The battery test is also useful for determining speaker polarity for phasing purposes: If the speaker cone moves out, the "+" lead is connected to the battery's positive terminal; if it moves in, the "-" lead is connected to the battery's positive terminal.

Re: pioneer cs66a

Thank you tbrander.

The mids are neither blown nor damaged in any way, so the problem could well be in the crossover rather than the drivers themselves.

However the speakers are in my summer house and it can take a while before I get there again, so bear with me and I will revert on this in due course.