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Pioneer CT-F1250 Capstan speed gone crazy

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Hello everybody, I decided to pull my old CT-F1250 from the shelf where it was sitting for the last 3-4 years. didn't run the tape so I cleaned all rubbers, replaced the capstan belt and then I was good to go... or was I? after a few minutes of playing, it stopped. I checked, and the capstan belt was broken... again. Replaced it back and while it was playing speed started to go down a bit. It was constant, so no wow or flutter, if I stopped it and resumed play right away, it would play fine for a few seconds and then again... I noticed that if I touched the PA 2004 ic on the control board (RWG-100) the speed would go back up, so I thought maybe bad solderings... Flipped the control board over and replaced all solderings fo both PA2004 and PD1003. I noticed some capacitors were replaced but that was before my day (I've owned this baby for 13 years). put the board back into place and tried again... This time speed went all the way up. You can hear the capstan motor as it revs up. If I hit play, it will slow down, but stabilize at a pretty high speed. Pitch control and adjustment pots are unresponsive. Is it possible that one of those ICs (or both) got damaged during the resoldering? or is this something anybody has come across already?

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Re: PIONEER CT-F1250 Capstan speed gone crazy

Speed is now restored... Turns out a very small piece of copper (probably from the solder wick I used to remove old solder) was shorting two pins on the PA 2004. I still have the slightly slow and low torque issue on the motor, though. Guess I'm going for the electrolythic caps :-D