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Pioneer CT_F900 only issue is play funtion

Hey folks,

I have been working on this pioneer; changed belts & idler, restored the take-up motor, cleaned and regreased moving parts. Things worked ok at this point although RW was a bit chattery. I decided I can live with that at this point and proceeded to re-cap it.

Upon completion, with a tape in the unit, the play function will only work if I hold the button in. Transport just raises and immediatly falls again. The tape is engaging the tape detection switch, which has 5.5v across it with a tape inserted. If I hold the tape detection switch in with my finger (without a tape) the play function works.

It seems like there is something about a tape being inserted that is preventing something from latching. The pinch roll solnoid is getting 13.75v and is functioning mechanically.

Any ideas??