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Pioneer M91

Hi there !

I am planning to buy Pioneer M91 amplifier for JBL Control 10. I previously owned a Denon PMA 777 stereo integrated amp rated @ 100wpc @ 0.02 THD, but felt that this amp is not able to play JBLs to their maximum limit.

I have two doubts that are yet to be clarified:

1. Will Pioneer M91 be able to push the JBLs to the limits ?
2. Since the amp would be ~25 years old now, will it be too fragile or die soon if played very loud ?

Anticipating a quick response. :)

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Re: Pioneer M91

The JBL's look a very easy load/high sensitivity so shouldn't need much power to drive to high levels? The M-91 should be fine. I replaced a 100W/channel amplifier with a 250W/channel and it definitely improved dynamics and bass control with my speakers, although they are no way near the claimed sensitivity of the Control 10. Unless you are using it as a PA system it's unlikely to be driving the amp hard.

How long the amp will last without at least a service and a change of capacitors I couldn't say? You could always have it checked over by a competent tech to make sure it's working within spec, or just buy something 10-15 years newer if within your budget?

Re: Pioneer M91

Thanks JaS !

JBLs are rated at 300w. Below are detailed specs:
JBL Control 10 monitors
Sensitivity: 94 dB SPL, 1 W, 1 m (3.3 ft)2
Frequency Kesponse ( +- 3 dB): 35 Hz to 27 kHz
Power handling (300 W, continuous program)
Components: 300 mm (12 in) Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) low frequency transducer
30 mm (5 in) midrange
25 mm (1 in) pure titanium dome tweeter

With Denon(100wpc), I feel that the bass is weak at normal listening levels. Mids and highs are clear. Will Pioneer M91 be better than Denon to some extent, I need some bigger power amp for these.

One more thing, the dealer just told that M91 is sold, but he has a M90. I checked and found that both have exactly the same specs. Do u feel it is good enough or I should go for some Class D amp like http://www.crownaudio.com/en/products/xls-1500

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Re: Pioneer M91

If they are noticeably bass light at normal levels then a bigger amp might not help much? More power doesn't mean more bass at lower levels, it means more volume when you turn it up, unless the speakers are a tricky load and the amp very low power. If you don't like the tonal balance then specs won't tell you much, you need to hear some different amps/sources in your system, or experiment with speaker placement ie more bass closer to the rear wall/corners, tighter bass further away. To be honest if I had a speaker that sounded wrong tonally in my room at normal levels I'd change that first, it has the biggest effect on the overall balance in your system. Unless you are having to crank the amp right up then the maximum power output of the power is unlikely to be the issue, as you won't be using it.

As for class D amps, I'm not the person to ask I'm afraid. I haven't heard one I could happily live with yet.