hifi engine


To All:
I have a PD-M650,[just acquired], that will not spin CD's. It will load and change, but will not spin. I checked the motor and it appears ok per another website. It reads the same as the active one in the next paragraph. No voltages appear at the motor. No startup voltage and no running voltage which should be just under a volt.
I have a PD-M640 which WAS doing fine but the CD carriage is off balance. The mother board looks identical except the model 650 has an extra chip which I think is used for Multi_Memory programming.

I can probably swap out the Mother Bd and use the better player but I was hoping someone might know what the problem may be. I have no history on this PD-M650 which I just purchased AS IS. There is no evidence of abuse or repair. Everything looks factory new/fresh. Test voltage of 5volts is present and entire display is perfect. Does everything well except spin the CD's after loading the magazine. NOTHING turns at all-as if it's waiting for a switch to activate first, maybe logic?
Anyone have any info on the model 650? that may help?
Thanks, Dave