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Pioneer PL-L800 tangental tracking turntable "motor speed problem"

Attention all turntable tech's please help me to decide were my problem lay's?
I am the original owner of this turntable from 1982 it only has maybe 500 hours on it totally .
I was injured some years ago and this thing was put into storage and only recently taken out.
Yes it is dirty and it was totally operational when put away. Everything operates but it won't come up to full speed and the Quartz lock light never comes on now. I believe this model has one of those pancake motors which attaches to a circuitboard.is this a problem an electronic issue,?a cleaning issue? or a motor that has been setting so long that it's interior suspension of the motor has hardened up? can I just shoot some good contact cleaner like I use on my switches into the motor without damaging it more? Or is the motor trash now?
Guys I know your evaluation would be better sitting on your bench but here is my problem. No one within 60 miles of me work on these items, " bucks county PA 30 miles north of Philly" I also have to act quickly there is a guy here on the net that has one of these units that is totally dead and won't light up and is willing to sell me the whole thing for just under $40.00 but he only gave me 3 days to act. I figure "I'm hoping" a dead unit is not a bad motor and I can swap the complete board & motor from the bad unit? Please tell me what you think??
Thank you all
Don Eggert

Re: Pioneer PL-L800 tangental tracking turntable "motor ...

Could be dirty speed adjust controls. Some of those early Pioneers had an out-gassing problem with the feet; it would affect the silver coated switch contacts and controls.