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Pioneer RT-707 Issue

I have a Pioneer RT-707 tape deck. Got it for a Christmas present from my wife back in 1976-77. Loved it and still do. Haven't used it in years. It's been safe and sound but unused. Recently decided to hook it up to my receiver and enjoy it again. And I sure do. I have an issue with it. First, I hope I'm going to be using the right terms for various mechanisms. Searched around and found some manuals. The problem is the right pinch roller assembly. It is not free to move like the left one is. In order to get it from the horizontal position to the vertical, I have to force it in place. The problem is when playing back from the left reel to the right, the tape guide is not in the correct place and the tape falls off the roller and away it goes! I'm in northeast PA. Any place around Scranton I could get this looked at? Or any suggestions?

Re: Pioneer RT-707 Issue

The lubrication has dried out. A tech will have to take it apart, clean off the old lube, and relube it. The pinch rollers are probably shot also. The tape guides should not have moved, so the problem with the tape coming off the rollers is possibly a take-up tension and/or back tension problem.

Re: Pioneer RT-707 Issue

Great reply! Thanks. I'll have to find someone around here who can take care of it.