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Pioneer SA-3000

Does anyone have the service manual and owners manual for the SA-3000??
would really like to know more about this unit.
thanks :-)

Pioneer SA-3000

Any chance I can get the schematics also. I just scored one off Craigslist for $60, tuner, amp and cassette deck. There is very little on the internet about these. I saw one place that said they were only sold in UK, I have seen two places where people has ads up for a $1,000 plus for the 3 piece system I have. Have no idea if it is really worth that. The word that keeps coming up is rare, but that could mean nothing or everything.


Pioneer SA-3000

Only have schematics.

Pioneer sa-3000

Hello, I would be very grateful if you send me schematics. My meil is hifiedge@yahoo.com

best regards


Yes even that would help. can you post them on this site, or do you need my email address?


I see you have a SA-3000. If you want to chat about them and share info, reply to this.



I got this unit from my brother, who got it for almost nothing at a pawnshop in the twin cities.
hooked it up, and it works very well. it is very nice and quiet as far as noise goes.
it is a little on the unusual side in that it has the heat sinks on the sides but works good.
I like to read up on things to know more about them, therefore the interest in the manuals.
is it possible there are techniques to adjusting certain features of this amp that only the manuals can shed light on? Maybe. but only by reading them can one get that answer for sure.
hope this helps you out.