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Pioneer SA-6200 and TX-6200

Hi everyone.

A few days back I purchased a Pioneer combo consisting of SA-6200 and TX-6200, and considering it's age, i needs some internal/external cleaning.

Does anyone knows how to safely remove the turning knobs in a safe way, without risking to break them? I have tried pulling the volume knob outward in a straight line, but it only moves approx 1mm then it stops.

Is there a locking of some sort that I have missed, or do I just need to pull harder? I can't see any screws on the knobs or anything, perhaps it's just a really tight fit on the knobs/rod?

I also need to change some lights in the tuner and the power-on light on the amp, does anyone have some tips on replacement lights they can recommend?

Here is a pic of the combo (picture taken from the web, just for showing purpose) I own.


Re: Pioneer SA-6200 and TX-6200

Hi again and sorry for the late reply.

Thanks alot to the both of you for your help, I will try and find the apropriate light bulbs here in sweden.

Have a nice day.



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Re: Pioneer SA-6200 and TX-6200

Tuner lights-0,15A,8V...(1,2W).As an option-12v-2W =0,165A.In my Technics SA 5600X i replaced some lights the same way(6,3V-0.25A-1,6W) and i use 12V-3W autolamps.No difference but cheaper and easily to find.

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Re: Pioneer SA-6200 and TX-6200

Just pull harder - maybe squirt some eletronics cleaner to the shaft. Try to find a schematic diagram online - it will tell you what bulbs you need.