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Pioneer SA-6500II Repair

I've got this amplifier in not working condition. It was supposed to be scrapped but I would like to bring it to live. I've changed all capacitors, put deoxide to pot meters, cleaned etc. I've also changed power transistors. I installed Motorolla MJE15032 and MJE15033 accordingly. But when I turn the unit on, after around 1 min. fuses in -+34V rail were busted. I've checked the transistors and found that one pair is completly gone. There is shortcut between emitter, base and collector....Can you give me some help/advice guys.....as I don't have so much expirience..

Thanks in advance

Re: Pioneer SA-6500II Repair

So the problem is solved :-)....It was simple.I mixed NPN with PNP transistors...stupid of me!...but happens. My amplifier plays very nice... :-) all I need now to put it on the shelf is a casing as I got it without it. Mayby somebody of you guys have it to sell???

Re: Pioneer SA-6500II Repair

There is at least one guy on eBay now selling parts for the SA-6500II; he may have a case.

Re: Pioneer SA-6500II Repair

I didn't see the case but I will ask the guy. I'm also thinking to order wodden case from local carpenter shop, depends on the prices...