hifi engine

Pioneer SA-7100

Thank you for supplying me w/the schematics for the SA-7100.- Now that I have this information, I'm sure my original manual which I somehow misplaced will show up anyday now.- Sort of like Murphy's Revenge. Thanks for your help.-
I'd like to ask one more question & maybe someone can give me some help here...
The problem I'm experiencing w/my amp is that the A side is out.- I am not a tech, but I had it repaired once already, & it was explained to me that the problem occurs in the capacitor for the A side.- Apparently over time the repeated expansion & contraction of the capacitor housing causes the seal to fail, air gets to it, & it poops out. - I'm 99% sure that this is the problem again- & if it should prove to be, here is the question...

Are these types of capacitors still available in new manufacture, or do you have to look for scavenged parts because it's old technology?...Are there comparable modern replacement parts that are compatible& can be adapted into the circuit?-& Where can I order them from?

I work w/a fellow who is a real whizbang at fixing this stuff, so if I can help him find the right goodie he needs to get this rig going again, it would be a big help.

I would sure appreciate any help someone out there could offer about securing replacement parts. -Thanks in advance for any leads you could give me in this matter.
john s.