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Pioneer SA1000 PP-402 Moving Coil transformer

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My Pioneer SA1000 have a socket for M.Coil cartridges, but unfortunately I have lost the PP-402MC transfoprmer (sic!), without this accessories it's impossible to enable the M Coil connection.
Please, anybody knows where it's possible to find one otf this old Pioneer SA-1000 part
Thank you


Where did you buy the transformer?

pioneer PP-402 MC transformer

hi, sorry for the slow response. i just saw your question. i found my transformer through ebay. it was found by accident. it had been been listed under a completely wrong part number and description by the seller. i was lucky to run across it at all, but when i did, i recognized it for what it really was. the seller was in canada and had a very large inventory of NOS vintage audio equipment from a store that had gone out of business. he has a warehouse full of stuff, but only had one of these transformers.

Pioneer PP-402 MC transformer

i have 3 pioneer sa-1000 amplifiers dating from around 1971, which i really like. as with many of the TOTL pioneers of the period, you need an accessory step-up transformer (listed as pp-402 in the pioneer lit) to use the moving coil cartridge feature for the phono section. i just picked up one of these transformers (after looking for 38 years!). it is new in the box, but missing paperwork. would like to find the literature that came with this.

btw, the only images/info of the "pp-402" i've found on the web were from the audio database: http://audio-database.com/PIONEER-EXCLUSIVE/etc/pp-402-e.html i was not having any luck finding a pp-402. then, i found if you look closely at the audio database photo, the number on the silver transformer shown is not pp-402. it is T62-005. this is the same number is on the one i just bought, although mine is black (pictured). mine does not say pp-402 anywhere on the unit or on the box, yet it is the exact same one pictured on the pioneer literature. these were packaged like a piece of jewelry in a very plush box, and each unit had a serial number. hope this helps someone else find one.

Pioneer PP-402

Wow, sardonicus, thanks a lot. I too have multiple vintage Pioneer SA-1000's in various states of functionality (and several SA-800's as well.) I've had a running "request" search going on eBay for a good 6 years for a "PP-402" without a single hit; & I've never heard of the "T62-005" designation at all. I have never tried experimenting with an MC cartridge but hoped, after finding this appropriate transformer, to do so in the future. Now it sounds like I better make a new plan if I'm to have that pleasure in my lifetime! But the additional information is most welcome, thanks again. I'm not sure I'd consider myself an "expert" in these classic Pioneer model lines, but I've sure got enough of 'em and have been tearing them down, building them up, using them and enjoying them for years ... D

Pioneer PP-402

hi VPN,

i think the SA-1000 is a wonderful amp. so much so, in fact, i just picked up another one! i don't understand why this model doesn't have the following it deserves, but oh well... thats just less competition for those of us who know a good thing when we see (hear) it.

don't give up on finding the transformer. once i figured out the correct part number it didn't take long for me to find one. there has to be more out there, sitting neglected in drawers along with old cartridges, etc. just waiting to see the light of day again. problem is, without the PP-402 number anywhere on them, the "picker" who finds one at an estate sale won't know to market it as a PP-402. chances are much better he'll market it as a T62-005 because thats the number on it.