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Pioneer speaker connectors

I'm trying to find some reasonably priced Pioneer SX series speaker connectors. The ones on Ebay look to be custom made pieces that were heated and twisted to orientate the plug spades the proper direction. Not too sure I want to use these to make my connections. Anyone know where I can locate a pair?

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Re: Pioneer speaker connectors

This is a very dated reply but I just looked into this...

People on eBay are selling wall plugs which someone twisted to fit the odd Pioneer Speaker plugs from back when. Apparently there is a yellow standard plug which simply has one pin twisted and works. However similar plugs break when you try this depending on the metal a pin is made of...

I've seen new stock replacements on eBay from Australia at high prices and also used in good shape ones for around $25 - $30 a pair.

Apparently any of the above will work. You can't just take any wall plug and twist it as the metal will break. The ones mounted in yellow plastic had pins which could be twisted without breaking.

In the states there is a T-20 20 Amp industrial plug with the right pin configuration but they cost $20+ each and you have to throw most of it away and cut down the plastic to use them which is not so good a substitute.

This is for the odd Pioneer speaker plugs which are like a wall plug but with one pin vertical and the second pin horizontal.

I hope this helps anyone with the same problem...

Re: Pioneer speaker connectors

I just responded on AK as well. Mouser has a nice cinch connector that works as a great replacement and only costs $4 and change per piece. Its part number is P-303H-CCT.
You will need to remove the center pin in the connector, but the pin config is then correct. Requires that you solder the wires to the pins, but this is a better way of connecting rather than those screws. The connector comes with a nice housing that has a strain relief clamp as well.