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Pioneer SX-550 volume issue

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I have an old SX-550 receiver that I used for 15 or so years, before putting it into storage, which I am now trying to resurrect. It produces almost no sound, but the signal seems to be coming in, according to the signal indicator. The original speakers are gone, so I tried some good Klipsch ones (8 ohm), but still no volume. Now trying some small LG speakers, and still no volume, poor signal, even at full volume.
What's most likely to be the problem? Do I need a better antenna (using a very small one)? Cleaning? Better connections? I hear fuses being discussed. Are those still available? I have no experience with this sort of thing, so I'm starting at square one.Thanks!

Re: Pioneer SX-550 volume issue

Clean all the switches, especially the lever switches with Deoxit D5.

Re: Pioneer SX-550 volume issue

With volume control turned down, move the tape monitor switch several times--it may be dirty. Could be bad capacitors or a dirty protection relay.