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pioneer sx 737 lamp replacement

Can anyone offer advice on replacing the indicator lamps for the Pioneer sx 737? Trying to learn as much as I can prior to opening the cabinet and starting the project.

Thank you in advance!


Re: pioneer sx 737 lamp replacement

Behind the tuning dial there are 5 fuse-type lamps (8 volt 300ma). You usually have to partially remove a metal plate that has a circuit board attached with the holders for the lamps. You need to be careful with the tuning dial string; you don't want to cut it or knock it off the guides or rollers as restringing is a pain.
There are also some smaller lamps that illuminate the functions (AM, FM, Aux etc); these are soldered to a circuit board I believe. These are 8 volt 50 ma called grain of wheat lamps.
I you haven't done this before it can be a real chore. You can look at the pictorial in the service manual, but it will not be that helpful with disassembly.