hifi engine

Pioneer SX 780

I am in the process of restoring a Pioneer SX 780.

Does anyone have an extra (wood veneer) right + left and top panel available that is in good condition? This one is pretty chipped up.

If so, that would be awesome.

OR...has anyone had luck removing the old veneer panels and attaching new veneer? This looks like it could be difficult to do. But if I can't find a replacement I am willing to attempt this.


Uncle Eric

SX-780 Veneer

I don't know if they made different versions, but my 780 had simulated wood-grain vinyl over a plywood case. My vinyl was peeling in places so I used a heat gun and carefully peeled the vinyl off to bare wood. Sanded and stained it looks decent, though I'm tempted to make a custom case since there's some scratches in the aluminum strip on the top.