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pioneer sx-828 fuse lamps

Can anybody clarify for me the Fuse Lamps used in the SX-828.
The schematic call for :
Dial Illumination - 8V@300mA
Meter Lamps - 8V@50mA

I am aware of errors on the schematic but should not all the fuse lamps be 8V@300mA?

Re: pioneer sx-828 fuse lamps

Maybe not. The meter is plastic and the hotter 300ma lamps may damage the meter.

Re: pioneer sx-828 fuse lamps

I should have stated that the Fuse Lamps of the display and the meters that are installed at the moment are the same.
I know the grain of wheat bulbs are 8V@50mA.
I have been searching but can not find any fuse lamps below 150mA

Re: pioneer sx-828 fuse lamps

One eBay dealer from Bulgaria ton4eff has a very large collection of LED lamps ! Try it. Fuse size LED lamps are very cool and not hot.